Immigration Law

Deportation Defense

For many families it can be a dream to come to the United States. A dream that could easily become a nightmare if caught up in the Courts under deportation proceedings.

Generally, deportation proceedings begin after a criminal conviction. Gonzalez Legal Associates is one of the very few firms that rare exceptions. Our attorneys are highly trained and experienced in this specialized area of law.

Deportation can be especially difficult in that you may find yourself half a Country away fighting for your rights, alone.

If you’re facing deportation contact our experts immediately!

Excludability Defense

Excludability is essentially much like deportation, however the decision as to whether you would be allowed to enter (or re enter) the country is being decided.

When all that stands between your dreams, aspirations, and family… is a court room ensure you have the best defense by your side. Gonzalez Legal Associates will aggressively fight for you at every step of this complicated process.

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Employment-Based Immigration

Immigration laws today permit employers to sponsor individuals for Visas, permanent residency and in some situations citizenship.

Our firm has an extensive corporate background, with two of our partners having worked for major international firms, we have the unique capability of understanding the complexities of the business/corporate structure as well as view the situation from the perspective of the individual.

Our knowledge of corporate structure, corporate and business law, coupled with Our immigration expertise permit us to advise our clients from a completely different vantage point than usual.

Have the benefit of our collective expertise during your case, contact Mr. Gonzalez immediately.

Family-Based Immigration

A family-based application generally means one thing to our clients: their family is incomplete.

Gonzalez Legal Associates understands that family is one of the most important things in our lives, we’ve built a practice around it, and as a result your application for family based immigration will be handled with particular care.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for creative solutions to complex problems. When fighting to unite your family, Gonzalez Legal Associates is by your side.

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