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Drug Charges Westchester NY

Have you been the victim of a false arrest on account of drug dealing or possession? Take action now and contact Gonzalez Legal Associates for the finest defense lawyer in Westchester, NY.  We pride ourselves on being a part of the defense counsel for the ‘Biggest Drug Bust in the History of Westchester County’, and can conclude that our attorneys are highly experienced in defending drug related cases.  Carlos Gonzalez, a native of New York City, possesses an impressive background where he  has held positions in the legal field from working with the NYPD Department Advocates Office to working with the United Nations.  With a resume as such, it is no surprise the results he produces go above and beyond his clients’ expectations. Drug cases become complex when people, primarily those seeking help from accomplished and professional attorneys like ourselves, find themselves unknowing of the laws. At Gonzalez Legal Associates, our clients come first and they are fully informed of any breakthrough regarding their case.

Westchester NY Defense Lawyer – Drug Dealing Charges

Drug crimes such as illegal possession of prescription drugs, heroin possession, marijuana distribution, cocaine dealing, and distribution with the intent to sell are just a few of the cases that Gonzalez Legal Associates is seasoned to address.  What makes this firm literate in managing cases as such is our constant contact with our clients; people facing a drug possession or distribution charge may not be conscious of the laws, but our attorneys provide full enlightenment on the severity of their transgressions and work tirelessly for a chief outcome.  

Westchester NY Defense Lawyer – Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs Charges

Gonzalez Legal Associates helps considerably on false arrests of illegal possession of prescription drugs.  When it comes to this common type of case, we are able to offer an attention to detail that is hard to find; you will have a better opportunity of a lower sentence or face lighter charges with our services.

Charges of Marijuana Possession in Westchester NY

Gonzalez Legal Associates has experience with substances and crimes committed that beyond marijuana possession; we have aided many clients who’ve been charged with other violations such as cocaine distribution and illegal possession of prescription drugs. GLA represents an experienced Westchester law firm for distribution charges. We are well-versed in the law and acknowledge the personal attention you deserve.

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