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Criminal Law Firm Buchanan NY

When you require a drug charge attorney near White Plains NY and the Westchester County NY area, it’s a wise idea to call Gonzalez Law Associates right away. At Gonzalez Law Associates, we know that even the best people make mistakes. Also, receiving the maximum legal penalty for those mistakes isn’t always something that’s deserved. It doesn’t matter if this is your first offense, or you’ve been charged before. At Gonzalez Law Associates, we will determine your best defense given the situation by looking at the whole picture. If you need a DUI law firm near Buchanan NY make us your first choice.

DWI Lawyer Westchester County NY

In addition to DWI defense, Gonzalez Law Associates is additionally an ideal choice if you’re looking for a drug trafficking attorney near White Plains NY and the Westchester County NY area. When it comes to drug related crimes, the fact that the issue is surrounded by laws which are incredibly intricate means that these are among the most involved criminal defense cases. The ins and outs of drug laws, and the various penalties which different charges are capable of carrying aren’t something that a large number of civilians are even aware of. Gonzalez Law Associates can provide assistance with any kind of drug defense case, from possession to manufacturing. Because we possess experience in both prosecution and defense in drug cases, we are able to protect you by seeing the larger picture and thinking like the prosecution. At both the State and Federal level, the government is coming down harder and harder on drug offenders. In a lot of instances, there are mandatory minimum jail sentences, together with sentences which are potentially lengthy. Under the Rockefeller drug laws (named after Nelson Rockefeller, who was New York State’s governor at the time the laws were enacted), the penalties which come with possessing or selling narcotic substances are greatly expanded, which means this is something which is especially true in our local region. We’re capable of helping you navigate the legal system to best avoid these lengthier prison sentences at Gonzalez Law Associates because of our complete practical and historic understanding of these laws and their implications. This is why we’re such a top choice for a drug charge lawyer near Buchanan NY.

Drug Charges Attorney Westchester County NY

Gonzalez Law Associates is the criminal defense law firm near White Plains NY and the Westchester County NY area you require when you are being charged with any type of criminal offense. At Gonzalez Law Associates, we offer first rate defense when it comes to DUI and drug cases, including violent crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes, computer crimes, traffic crimes, and more. The impact which charges like traffic are capable of having is rather significant despite the fact that they may seem mild compared to when compared with criminal charges like DUI or drug possession, but don’t forget these affect things like your driving privileges, your car insurance rates, and your freedom. Something as simple as an infraction, all the way to something as serious as a felony, can have a major impact on your life. Gonzalez Law Associates regularly deals with traffic crimes, whether they are handled in the Department of Motor Vehicles or criminal court. Are you uncertain what type of case you are looking at? Calling us at Gonzalez Law Associates as soon as possible is particularly important in this case. If you need a lawyer for federal criminal defense near Buchanan NY, there’s no one else you need to turn to.

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