Business Law

The American dream has always been to start a company and be able to live comfortably, at the very least, off the income your company provides.

Starting a Business

Starting a business in the State of New York is not as easy as it should be. There are many hoops that an individual, or partnership, must jump through in order to ensure that their business is properly set up and licensed by the State.

It is critical to speak to an attorney as early as possible, whether it may be assistance with a partnership agreement or a D.B.A statement our attorneys are here to help you.

Choosing Whether to Incorporate

One of the most important questions a business owner ever asks themselves is what legal structure will my business be. Many business owners are left puzzled as to the differences between an LLP, a PC, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and the multitude of other choices available to business owners.

Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist you in making these choices, in discussing the tax ramifications of these structures, and in putting together your State filings in order to ensure a fast turn around.

Contact our attorneys immediately for assistance, don’t waste one more second before making your dream a reality.

Securities Issuances / I.P.O.

Our partners are uniquely experienced to assist your business with the securities issuance process. One of our partners previously worked with the Bureau of Securities for the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office. While another partner is married to a former Vice President of a large investment bank.

Our experience and connections are dedicated to the success of your business, making your dreams a reality.

Dissolution of Business Entity

Just as creating a business can be overly complex and require much planning, dissolving a business may require some great planning and consultation.

If your business has outlived its purpose, or is becoming a liability, please contact one of our attorneys immediately to discuss how to most effectively protect your assets.


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