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GLA Law Firm is the best place to go when you’re in need of the help of a Queens NYC lawyer for driving while intoxicated charges. Finding the best possible DWI Queens NYC lawyer possible is very important whenever you’re facing charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence. Breathalyzer machines may be inaccurate, and the police can make errors. Our attorneys know the correct police procedures for handling DWI offenses and know precisely how to challenge the evidence against you in the event an officer deviated even slightly from departmental policies.

The penalties for DWI in Queens NYC range from fines and having to attend drunk driving prevention classes to fines and prolonged periods of incarceration. A DWI charge can do a lot of damage, from ruining your financial situation to keeping you separated from your family and friends for months if not years. If you want the best DUI Queens NYC law firm with a proven reputation for reducing people’s sentences, then get in touch with GLA Law Firm.

Driving While Intoxicated Queens NYC Lawyer

It is prohibited in the state of New York to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content level of .05% or above, .05% in Connecticut. If a breathalyzer test was given or not, it is possible to find yourself being prosecuted for being suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is why you need to contact GLA Law Firm when you have been charged and are in need of a Queens NYC defense attorney for driving while intoxicated charges.

Driving Under The Influence Queens NYC

Being a driving under the influence Queens NYC defense attorney, we have years of experience defending individuals like you that authorities arrested for DUI in Queens NYC. We will meticulously gather and analyze all evidence that was supplied to the prosecutors office by the arresting officer. To develop the greatest strategy for defense possible, we will speak to you before your court day after this exhaustive review. There’s a chance that charges for driving under the influence in Queens NYC may be dismissed if it’s disclosed there’s an issue with how the arresting officer handled the field sobriety test or breathalyzer, or if there was a break in the chain of custody in the drug testing. To reduce problems you’re going to have with future employers or anyone else needing a criminal background check, we will also ask that the court expunges or seals all records of the charges.

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Every year, there are numerous people who are wrongfully accused and charged with DWI. These cases are sadly an everyday event in Queens NYC. With our extensive firsthand knowledge of the area it’s what makes us the best DWI Queens NYC law firm. With the proper experience it’s possible to fight the results of field sobriety tests because the equipment used isn’t always completely exact. What numerous people don’t understand is that driving under the influence of specific prescription drugs is cause to issue a DWI. Also it’s essential to note that actually driving the car isn’t always needed for a DUI to be issued. Even if you simply have the keys in the ignition, or even merely in the vehicle itself, it’s possible for you to be issued a DWI. This occurs frequently since sometimes people will simply sleep it off in their car simply because they’ve got nowhere else to go, or are having a smoke since it is cold outside.

DWI Queens NYC Attorney

GLA Law Firm will interview witnesses that support your assertion that had no intention of driving in case you end up in a circumstance wherein law enforcement has unjustly charged you with DUI. We will subpoena these individuals on your behalf should they be credible witnesses whose testimony holds up under the prosecution’s cross-examination. Having strong evidence of your intention to keep from driving, in the unlikely case the prosecutor’s office doesn’t consent to drop the charges of DUI in Queens NYC, the court will likely drop them. Having the expertise and skill to make this happen is what makes us the best DUI Queens NYC defense attorney.

Best Queens NYC Lawyer For Driving While Intoxicated Charges

Whenever you need the best possible DUI Queens NYC law firm, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away, whatever your circumstance could be. We have the knowledge and expertise to help your case and get a reputation for helping people in the past.