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Wondering who the best marijuana possession New York NY lawyer is? GLA Law Firm’s record as a drug distribution New York NY defense attorney is second to none. It’s a fact that drug crimes are the most typical charges of all groups of crimes. Categories of drug crimes include drug possession, drug distribution, possession with the intent to sell, drug production, trafficking, and solicitation. Having the finest drug possession or drug dealing New York NY defense lawyer feasible is important because state and federal governments are cracking down on drug crimes increasingly hard.

Marijuana Distribution New York NY Lawyer

There are certain laws that people aren’t aware of in terms of drug cases. The fact that a drug sale within 1,000 feet of a school will result in much harsher consequences than outside of 1,000 feet is one such instance. You will not find a more experienced marijuana distribution New York NY lawyer than GLA Law Firm. Many professionals charged with marijuana possession or distribution should realize this can have serious consequences as it can certainly be shown on their permanent record. This will apply for schoolteachers, physicians, nurses, law enforcement officers, and many more. This may place your job in danger and that’s something the majority of people can’t afford to risk. There are lots of other serious consequences that could occur including potentially losing custody of your child or children or even issues for parents who are looking to adopt. Acquiring GLA Law Firm, the best possible marijuana distribution New York NY defense lawyer, to represent you will help guarantee your side of the story gets heard so that charges may be dropped and your normal life may resume.

Marijuana Distribution New York NY

Charges of marijuana possession or distribution in New York NY carries implications for a lot more than just professionals. Even when the charges are later dropped, high school and college students that are confronted with criminal drug charges can be dropped from academic or extracurricular activities, or even lose loans or financial aid. Marijuana offenses in New York NY can have many serious implications including establishing a criminal record which can prevent you from visiting certain countries, getting particular jobs, or may even cause you to lose public housing. Having a sure marijuana dealing New York NY lawyer like GLA Law Firm on your side is a must in these conditions.