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Are you trying to find the finest marijuana possession New York City lawyer? GLA Law Firm’s record as a drug distribution New York City attorney is second to none. Drug crimes are the most typical charges out of all the different classifications of crimes. Categories of drug crimes include drug possession, drug distribution, possession with the intent to sell, drug production, trafficking, and solicitation. With national and state governments coming down harder and harder on drug crimes all the time, it’s important that you get the greatest drug possession or drug distribution New York City lawyer for your situation.

Marijuana Dealing New York City Attorney

There are particular laws that people aren’t aware of in terms of drug cases. The fact that a drug sale within 1,000 feet of a school has much more serious consequences than outside 1,000 feet is one such instance. GLA Law Firm is easily the most seasoned marijuana possession New York City lawyer that you’ll find anywhere. Many professionals charged with marijuana distribution or possession need to recognize this will have significant implications as it could show on their permanent record. This will apply for schoolteachers, physicians, nurses, law enforcement officers, and others. This may place your career in danger and that’s something most people can’t afford to risk. Other serious effects include the chance of losing custody of your child, or being unable to adopt. GLA Law Firm is the greatest possible marijuana possession New York City defense attorney to get your side of the story heard so that you may receive the best representation possible.

Marijuana Dealing New York City

It’s not just professionals who have to worry about marijuana possession or distribution charges in New York City though. Even when the charges are later dropped, high school and college students that are confronted with criminal drug charges can be dropped from academic or extracurricular activities, as well as lose loans or financial aid. In the event you receive a criminal summons or arrest for any marijuana offense in New York City it may have serious implications including the creation of a criminal record which will change many things in your life from being able to travel to specific countries, possible jobs in your future, losing public housing, and countless other things. In this situation, having GLA Law Firm as your marijuana dealing New York City defense lawyer could be the smartest move you could make.