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GLA Law Firm is the best place to go if you require the support of a DWI Nassau County NY attorney. Finding the best possible Nassau County NY defense attorney for driving while intoxicated charges possible is extremely important when you’re facing charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence. We realize that police can be mistaken, and breathalyzer machines may be wrong.Our lawyers are aware of proper police procedures for dealing with DUI offenses inside and out. This means that if the officer deviated even slightly from departmental policies, we know exactly how to challenge evidence against you.

The penalties for DUI in Nassau County NY vary from fines and having to attend drunk driving prevention classes to fines and lengthy periods of incarceration. A DWI charge can do a lot of damage, from destroying your financial situation to separating you from your friends and family for months if not years. Even if the police made no errors when they arrested you, GLA Law Firm, as the top DUI Nassau County NY defense lawyer has the knowledge and ability to persuade the court to reduce your sentence in specific situations.

DWI Nassau County NY Lawyer

In the state of New York, it’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of .05% or over, and .08% in Connecticut. Whether or not a breathalyzer test was given or not, it’s possible to find yourself being prosecuted for being suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is why it’s essential for you to contact us if you have been charged and need a Nassau County NY attorney for driving under the influence charges.

DUI Nassau County NY

We have years of experience defending individuals just like you that have been arrested for driving under the influence as a DUI Nassau County NY attorney. We will collect and analyze all the evidence the arresting office supplied to the prosecutor’s office. We’ll meet with you prior to the court date to come up with the most successful defense strategy possible following this exhaustive evaluation. If there is an issue with how the arresting officer performed the field sobriety test or breathalyzer, or possibly a break in the chain of custody in the drug testing, it is quite likely the charges for DUI in Nassau County NY against you will be dismissed. To reduce difficulties you’re going to have with potential employers or anyone else in need of a criminal background check, we will also request that the court expunges or seals all records of these charges.

Nassau County NY Lawyer for Driving Under The Influence Charges

Every year, there are many people that are wrongfully accused and charged with DUI. These cases are sadly an everyday event in Nassau County NY. One of the reasons that make us the best choice for a DUI Nassau County NY lawyer is the fact that we’ve got an extensive amount of expertise in the area. With the appropriate experience it is really possible to fight the results of field sobriety tests as the equipment used is not always 100% exact. What a lot of people don’t know is that driving under the influence of specific prescription drugs is cause to issue a DWI. Furthermore, it is important to note that actual driving of the automobile is not always required for issuing a DWI. Even when you just have the keys within the ignition, or even just in the car itself, it is possible for you to be issued a DUI. This occurs often since often times individuals will simply sleep it off inside their car since they’ve got no place else to go, or are having a smoke because it is cold outside.

DUI Nassau County NY Defense Attorney

If you find that you have been charged with driving under the influence in Nassau County NY unjustly, we’ll interview witnesses who support your assertion that you had no intention of driving. We’ll subpoena these individuals on your behalf if they’re credible witnesses whose testimony holds up under the prosecution’s cross-examination. Having introduced strong evidence of an intention to keep from driving, it is really possible to get the court to drop the charges of DWI in Nassau County NY when the prosecutor’s office refuses to drop charges beforehand. Possessing the experience and skill to make this happen is what makes us the best DUI Nassau County NY defense lawyer.

Best Nassau County NY Defense Attorney For DWI Charges

If you need the best possible Nassau County NY lawyer for driving while intoxicated charges, don’t hesitate to contact us right away, no matter your case might be. We’ve got a reputation for helping individuals such as you with our extensive knowledge and expertise.