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When you’re looking for a DWI Manhattan NYC defense attorney, GLA Law Firm is here to assist. A Manhattan NYC law firm for driving under the influence charges with a solid reputation and years of experience is crucial to find whenever you’re facing charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence. Breathalyzer machines may be incorrect, and the police can make mistakes. We know precisely how to challenge evidence against you in the event that the officer deviated even slightly from departmental policies because our attorneys are knowledgeable about the correct police procedures for dealing with DWI cases.

Being required to attend drunk driving prevention courses, fines, and extended periods of incarceration are penalties for driving while intoxicated in Manhattan NYC. A DUI charge can do a great deal of damage, from ruining your financial stability to separating you from your friends and family for months or even years. Even if the police made no mistakes when they arrested you, GLA Law Firm, as the best driving under the influence Manhattan NYC attorney has the knowledge and skill to get the court to reduce your sentence in specific circumstances.

Driving While Intoxicated Manhattan NYC Defense Attorney

In the state of New York, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of .05% or above, and .08% in Connecticut. It is possible to be prosecuted for being suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, regardless of whether a breathalyzer test was administered or not. Whenever you need a Manhattan NYC law firm for driving under the influence charges, it’s crucial that you contact GLA Law Firm right away.

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Being a DWI Manhattan NYC lawyer, we have years of experience defending people like you that police arrested for driving under the influence in Manhattan NYC. We’ll meticulously gather and analyze all evidence the arresting office given to the prosecutor’s office. We will meet with you prior to the court date to develop the most effective defense strategy possible after this exhaustive review. In certain situations, a charge of DUI in Manhattan NYC could be dismissed, for instance, if there is a break in the chain of custody during the drug testing, or if there is a problem with the way the arresting officer handled the breathalyzer or field sobriety test. To reduce difficulties you are going to have with future employers or other people needing a criminal background check, we’ll additionally request that the court expunges or seals all records of these charges.

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Many people each year are wrongly accused and charged with DUI. These cases are unfortunately a regular event in Manhattan NYC. One of the things that makes us the best choice for a Manhattan NYC law firm for driving while intoxicated charges is the fact that we’ve got an extensive amount of expertise in the area. Field sobriety tests and the apparatus employed are not always completely accurate and it’s possible to contest the results. It’s important to remember that even the use of some prescription drugs might be considered for issuing a DUI. Also it’s critical to note that actually driving the car isn’t always needed for a DWI to be issued. Even when you merely have the keys within the ignition, or even just in the car itself, it is possible for you to be issued a DUI. This happens frequently because often times individuals will just sleep it off in their car simply because they have nowhere else to go, or are having a smoke as it’s cold outside.

Driving While Intoxicated Manhattan NYC Lawyer

GLA Law Firm will interview witnesses who support your claim that had no intent to drive should you end up in a situation where law enforcement has unjustly charged you with DUI. If they’re credible witnesses and their testimony holds up under cross-examination from the prosecution, we’ll subpoena these individuals on your behalf. Having presented strong evidence of your intention to avoid driving, it is really possible to get the court to drop the charges of driving under the influence in Manhattan NYC when the prosecutor’s office won’t drop charges ahead. We’re considered the best DWI Manhattan NYC lawyer since we have the ability to make this happen.

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When you need the best possible DUI Manhattan NYC attorney, do not hesitate to contact us right away, whatever your case may be. We’ve got a reputation for supporting individuals such as you with our extensive knowledge and experience.