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GLA Law Firm is the best foreclosure Westchester County NY law firm for homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Nothing is more devastating to a homeowner than receiving a notice that their lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings. If you are a homeowner in NYC and have received this type of notice, you need get in touch with GLA Law Firm, the finest foreclosure Westchester County NY defense attorney, immediately. Homeowners have time and options to save their house and reduce the damage to their credit. Being a seasoned foreclosure Westchester County NY defense lawyer, GLA Law Firm can aid you by reviewing your situation and determining the most helpful actions to take.

Foreclosure Westchester County NY Defense Lawyer

Since we’re a very experienced foreclosure Westchester County NY defense lawyer, we can review all of your mortgage documentation in an effort to uncover evidence of predatory lending, fraud, or title issues we can use as leverage in negotiations. With the amount of robo-signing in the packaging and marketing of mortgage-backed securities throughout the housing boom, it’s not always evident that the lender submitting the foreclosure action truly retains the note that provides them the legal standing to bring the foreclosure action. While this doesn’t mean the homeowner will receive a free house, as a quality foreclosure Westchester County NY law firm, we can use this to negotiate modifications to the mortgage that will be more favorable to the homeowners, as well as clear the title.

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Since the situation resulting in the initiation of foreclosure proceeding change from homeowner to homeowner, the options for resolving a foreclosure action frequently differ. A foreclosure causes substantial harm to one’s credit, and one option to prevent that is getting the lender to accept a short sale. A loan modification is just another option you could meet the requirements for, which can bring mortgage payments down to a cheaper rate. If a foreclosure is really unavoidable, we at GLA Law Firm have experience negotiating terms that will allow the homeowner to stay in the house and rent it.

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