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For homeowners facing foreclosure, GLA Law Firm is the best foreclosure Bronx County NY law firm. Few things are as devastating to homeowners as getting a notice of initiated foreclosure proceedings. Contacting a foreclosure Bronx County NY defense lawyer immediately upon receiving this kind of notice is crucial. It can be possible for homeowners to save their home and minimize damage to their credit if the appropriate actions are taken. As an experienced foreclosure Bronx County NY defense attorney, GLA Law Firm can help you by reviewing your situation and determining the most beneficial actions to take.

Foreclosure Bronx County NY Lawyer

We are able to discover evidence to utilize in negotations with the lending company since we are a seasoned foreclosure Bronx County NY law firm. This evidence can include signs of predatory lending, fraud, or title issues. At times the lender is not really in a position where they can legally start the foreclosure process given the methods of buying and selling of mortgage-backed securities throughout the housing boom. While this doesn’t mean the homeowner will receive a free house, as a quality foreclosure Bronx County NY defense attorney, we could use this to negotiate changes to the mortgage that favor the homeowners, as well as clear the title.

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Different homeowners are going to have several different situations leading up to the initiation of foreclosure proceedings, and each case will vary. For many homeowners, obtaining their lender to accept a short sale enables them to get a clean slate with significantly less harm done to their credit rating than what would result from a foreclosure. Lowering your mortgage rate to one that is more affordable is another option that you may qualify for. In the event that foreclosure is inescapable, as a seasoned foreclosure Bronx County NY defense attorney we might be able to negotiate an agreement with the lender that allows the homeowner to rent the house so they don’t need to move.

When you’ve received a foreclosure notice or have trouble affording your mortgage payments, contact the very best foreclosure Bronx County NY law firm at Gonzales Law Associates at 1.212.405.2234 to find the best options available to you.