False Arrest Westchester NY Defense Lawyer

Employing a police brutality Westchester NY defense attorney doesn’t just enable you to protect your personal rights, but the rights of others. Even though the police are crucial to the security of the community, unfortunately the number of reported incidents of police brutality and false arrest has significantly increased over the past decade. Experts attribute the upsurge in civil rights violations to the militarization of police forces that happened on account of the War on Terror. Even though this functions as an explanation, it doesn’t excuse incidents of police brutality and false arrest. For those who have been involved in an incident where the police used excessive force, or detained or arrested you without cause, it’s to your greatest advantage to contact GLA Law Firm, a quality police brutality Westchester NY law firm and false arrest attorney, because your civil rights have been violated and your deserve compensation.

Police Brutality Westchester NY Defense Lawyer

GLA Law Firm is able to help you in lots of ways given our expertise as a police brutality Westchester NY defense lawyer. After suffering physical and emotional injuries resulting from law enforcement officers, it could be just as traumatic to bring allegations of police brutality to court. GLA Law Firm has a great deal of experience as a police brutality Westchester NY attorney. We don’t only make certain you are justly compensated for your injuries, we want the legal procedure to proceed smoothly to save you from enduring additional stress. Holding the police officer and department responsible for such actions is important so that the potential for further allegations and legal action will prevent it from happening again.

False Arrest Westchester NY Attorney

The law gives protection from unjustified detainment and arrest. Throughout the Occupy Wall Street protests, a lot of people who were merely walking down the street close to protests found themselves detained by law enforcement officers without cause. It’s your right to begin legal proceedings against an arresting officer and department if your civil rights are violated by false arrest or police brutality. The procedure may seem intimidating for most people, but selecting GLA Law Firm if you want a false arrest Westchester NY attorney will guarantee that you get the maximum amount of compensation for unwarranted loss of your freedom.

False Arrest and Police Brutality in Westchester NY

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