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Hiring a police brutality Queens NYC attorney doesn’t just allow you to protect your own rights, but the rights of others. Even though the police are essential to the security of the community, sadly the number of reported incidents of police brutality and false arrest has substantially increased over the previous decade. Experts attribute the upsurge in civil rights violations to the militarization of police forces that happened on account of the War on Terror. Even though this serves as a reason, it does not excuse incidents of police brutality and false arrest. If your civil rights have been violated by excessive use of force by the police or arrest without cause, you deserve compensation, and GLA Law Firm is the finest police brutality Queens NYC defense defense lawyer and false arrest attorney to make this happen.

Police Brutality Queens NYC Defense Attorney

Being an experienced police brutality Queens NYC attorney, GLA Law Firm can help you in a lot of ways. Bringing this sort of case to court after enduring mental as well as physical injuries at the hands of police force can be a traumatic experience. GLA Law Firm has a lot of experience as a police brutality Queens NYC attorney. We do not only make sure you are justly compensated for your injuries, we want the legal process to go smoothly to save you from enduring additional stress. Holding the police officer and department accountable for such actions is important so that the possibility of future allegations and legal action will prevent it from happening again.

False Arrest Queens NYC Attorney

Under the law, protection from arrest and detainment which is unjustified is offered. Many men and women in New York found themselves detained without cause by police officers if they strayed too close to the Occupy Wall Street protests. It’s your right to start legal proceedings against an arresting officer and department in the event your civil rights have been violated by false arrest or police brutality. While the procedure might seem daunting, as the very best false arrest Queens NYC attorney, we’ll make certain the proceedings go smoothly and you will be justly compensated for the unwarranted loss of your freedom.

Police Brutality and False Arrest in Queens NYC

When you are in need of a Queens NYC police brutality defense lawyer or false arrest law firm, contact Gonzalez Law Associates right away.