False Arrest NYC Lawyer

Using a police brutality NYC attorney is not only the wise move to safeguard yourself, but it aids the community at large. Though the police are essential to the security of the population, unfortunately the amount of reported incidents of false arrest and police brutality has significantly increased over the past decade. Experts credit the increase in civil rights violations to the militarization of police forces that happened on account of the War on Terror. Whatever the explanation, there isn’t any reason for you to endure police brutality or false arrest. When you have been forced to suffer arrest without cause or excessive force from the police, contacting the finest police brutality NYC attorney or false arrest defense attorney is essential to ensure compensation. This is where GLA Law Firm will be of assistance.

Police Brutality NYC Attorney

As a seasoned police brutality NYC defense defense lawyer, GLA Law Firm will help you in several ways. After enduring physical and mental injuries caused by a law enforcement officers, it may be equally as traumatic to bring allegations of police brutality to court. Like an experienced police brutality NYC defense attorney, we’ll not only make sure that you’re justly compensated for the losses you have incurred as a consequence of your injuries, but will also make sure the legal process is as worry-free as possible for you. Holding the police officer and department responsible for such actions is significant so that the potential for future allegations and legal action will prevent it from happening again.

False Arrest NYC Lawyer

Under the law, protection from arrest and detainment that is unjustified is offered. Many individuals that merely walked too close to the Occupy Wall Street protests found themselves unjustifiably detained by New York law enforcement officers. In case a law enforcement officer detains or arrests you without evidence you have committed a crime, your civil rights have been violated and you have standing to bring legal action against the arresting officer and also the department. Hire GLA Law Firm when you’re looking for a false arrest NYC defense attorney so you can be sure to get the settlement that you deserve.

False Arrest and Police Brutality in NYC

If you find yourself looking for a false arrest NYC defense attorney, contact Gonzalez Law Associates as soon as possible.