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Hiring a police brutality Nassau NY attorney is not only the wise move to protect yourself, but it helps the community in general. While law enforcement officers have an important part in keeping citizens safe, the number of reports of false arrests and police brutality has dramatically increased both locally and nationwide throughout the past decade. Experts credit the increase in civil rights violations to the militarization of police forces that occurred due to the War on Terror. No matter the explanation, there’s absolutely no reason for you to endure police brutality or false arrest. In case you have been involved in an incident where the police used excessive force, or detained or arrested you without cause, the best thing you can do is contact GLA Law Firm, a quality police brutality Nassau NY attorney and false arrest attorney, because your civil rights have been violated and your deserve compensation.

Police Brutality Nassau NY Defense Attorney

As an experienced police brutality Nassau NY law firm, GLA Law Firm can help you in a lot of ways. Bringing this type of case to court after suffering psychological and physical injuries at the hands of police force may be a traumatic experience. GLA Law Firm has a great deal of experience as a police brutality Nassau NY defense attorney and can make certain that you are not merely compensated justly for your injuries, but ensure that the legal process goes as smoothly as possible. Holding the police officer and department liable for such actions is significant so that the possibility of further allegations and legal action will keep it from happening again.

False Arrest Nassau NY Law Firm

Under the law, protection from arrest and detainment which is unjustified is offered. Throughout the Occupy Wall Street protests, a lot of individuals who were simply walking down the street near to protests found themselves detained by law enforcement officers without cause. In the event a law enforcement officer arrests or detains you without evidence you have committed a crime, your civil rights have been violated and you have cause to bring legal action against the arresting officer and also the department. The process may appear daunting for most individuals, but selecting GLA Law Firm if you want a false arrest Nassau NY law firm will ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for unwarranted loss of your freedom.

False Arrest and Police Brutality in Nassau NY

When you find yourself needing a false arrest Nassau NY lawyer, contact Gonzalez Law Associates right away.