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Protecting your civil rights using a police brutality Manhattan New York defense lawyer keeps others safe. Though law enforcement officers play an important role in maintaining the safety of the community, the number of incidents of false arrests and police brutality has drastically increased both locally and nationally during the previous decade. In response to threats of terrorism and recent organized protests, the police force is becoming more militarized, and the amount of these civil rights violations has increased. False arrest and police brutality are things no-one should experience, regardless of the reason. When you have been involved in an incident where the police used excessive force, or detained or arrested you without cause, your best course of action is to contact GLA Law Firm, an excellent police brutality Manhattan New York defense defense lawyer and false arrest defense attorney, because your civil rights have been violated and your deserve compensation.

Police Brutality Manhattan New York Lawyer

Being an experienced police brutality Manhattan New York attorney, GLA Law Firm will help you in a lot of ways. For people who have experienced physical and mental injuries at the hands of the police force, bringing this type of case to court is a traumatic experience. GLA Law Firm has a great deal of experience as a police brutality Manhattan New York law firm. We don’t only make sure you’re justly compensated for your injuries, we want the legal process to proceed smoothly to spare you further stress. Bringing forth these types of allegations will discourage other law enforcement officers from using the same type of tactics on others.

False Arrest Manhattan New York Defense Attorney

Protection from unjustified detainment and arrest is offered under the law. During the Occupy Wall Street protests, lots of individuals who were merely walking down the street close to protests found themselves detained by law enforcement officers without cause. Whenever your civil rights have been violated, it’s your right to bring forth legal action against the arresting officer and also the department. Though the process might seem daunting, as the top false arrest Manhattan New York attorney, we will ensure that the proceedings go smoothly and you will be justly compensated for the unwarranted loss of your freedom.

Police Brutality and False Arrest in Manhattan New York

When you’re looking for a Manhattan New York police brutality attorney or false arrest law firm, contact Gonzalez Law Associates right away.