False Arrest Bronx NY Defense Attorney

Hiring a police brutality Bronx NY defense attorney isn’t only the wise move to protect yourself, but it helps the community as a whole. Though the police are crucial to the safety of the community, sadly the amount of incidents reported of false arrest and police brutality has significantly increased over the previous decade. In response to threats of terrorism and recent organized protests, the police force is becoming more militarized, and the number of these civil rights violations has increased. False arrest and police brutality are things no-one should endure, regardless of the explanation. In case you have been involved in an incident where the police used excessive force, or detained or arrested you without cause, you need to contact GLA Law Firm, an experienced police brutality Bronx NY law firm and false arrest lawyer, because your civil rights have been violated and your deserve to be compensated.

Police Brutality Bronx NY Lawyer

As an experienced police brutality Bronx NY defense defense attorney, GLA Law Firm will help you in a lot of ways. After suffering physical and emotional injuries resulting from law enforcement officers, it can be equally as traumatic to bring allegations of police brutality to court. GLA Law Firm has a lot of experience as a police brutality Bronx NY lawyer. We do not just make sure you are justly compensated for your injuries, we want the legal procedure to proceed smoothly to save you from enduring further stress. Holding the police officer and department responsible for such actions is important so that the possibility of future allegations and legal action will stop it from happening again.

False Arrest Bronx NY Attorney

Protection from unjustified detainment and arrest is offered under the law. During the Occupy Wall Street protests, many people who were merely walking down the street close to protests found themselves detained by law enforcement officers without cause. It’s your right to commence legal proceedings against an arresting officer and department in case your civil rights are violated by false arrest or police brutality. Hire GLA Law Firm whenever you are looking for a false arrest Bronx NY defense lawyer so that you can be sure to get the compensation that you deserve.

Police Brutality and False Arrest in Bronx NY

When you’re looking for a Bronx NY false arrest defense lawyer or police brutality defense lawyer, contact Gonzalez Law Associates today.