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Criminal Defense Law Firm Harrison NY

When you’re looking for a DUI attorney in Westchester County NY, Gonzalez Law Associates is here to assist. A DWI lawyer with a solid reputation and years of experience is necessary to find when you are facing charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence. It is possible for breathalyzers to provide erroneous readings, or for people to make errors. Our attorneys know the proper police procedures for dealing with DUI cases and know exactly how to challenge the evidence against you in the event an officer deviated even slightly from departmental policies. The penalties for driving while intoxicated in vary from fines and having to attend drunk driving prevention courses to fines and prolonged periods of incarceration. The results of a DUI charge can mean your personal finances are ruined, or even that you will be separated from family and friends for months if not years. Gonzalez Law Associates is highly recommended as a top choice for a DUI lawyer near Harrison NY as we possess the skill the get the court to reduce your sentence in specific situations.

DUI Attorney Harrison NY

It is prohibited in the state of New York to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content level of .05% or above, .05% in Connecticut. It is possible to be prosecuted for being suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, regardless of if a breathalyzer test was given or not. When you need a attorney for DWI in Westchester County NY, it is necessary that you contact Gonzalez Law Associates immediately.

DWI Attorney Harrison NY

We have years of experience defending people just like you that have been arrested for driving under the influence as a driving while intoxicated defense attorney in Westchester County NY. We will collect and analyze all the evidence that was given to the prosecutors office by the arresting officer. We’ll speak to you before the court date to come up with the most effective defense strategy possible after this exhaustive evaluation. There is a chance that charges for driving under the influence in Harrison NY can be dismissed if it’s disclosed there’s a problem with how the arresting officer performed the field sobriety test or breathalyzer, or if there was a break in the chain of custody in the drug testing. We are also going to ask that the court either expunges or seal the record of said charges so you don’t experience difficulties with potential employers or anyone else who wants a criminal background check.

Drug Possession Lawyer Harrison NY

One of many things that makes us a top choice for a DWI lawyer near Harrison NY is the fact that we’ve got an extensive amount of expertise in the area. Lots of people annually are wrongly accused and charged with DWI. These cases are fairly common. With the appropriate experience it will be possible to contest the results of field sobriety tests because the gear used isn’t always completely accurate. What numerous people don’t really know is that driving under the influence of certain prescription drugs is reason to issue a DWI. Additionally, it’s significant to remember that actual driving of the vehicle is not always required for issuing a DUI. Even if you just have the keys within the ignition, or even simply in the vehicle itself, it is really possible for you to be issued a DWI. This occurs frequently because sometimes people will just sleep it off in their car simply because they have nowhere else to go, or are having a smoke since it is cold outside.

Driving Under The Influence Harrison NY Attorney

Gonzalez Law Associates can interview witnesses that support your assertion that had no intention of driving if you find yourself in a situation in which law enforcement has charged you unjustly with DUI. If we find that these witnesses are credible and their testimony able to withstand prosecution’s cross-examination, we will subpoena these individuals to testify on your behalf. Based upon this proof of your intention to keep from driving, the likelihood is that the court is going to dismiss your charges of driving while intoxicated in the unlikely event the prosecutor’s office does not agree to dismiss the charges. Having the experience and skill to make this happen is what makes us a top choice for a DWI law firm in Harrison NY.

Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm Harrison NY

We’ve got experience in a wide variety of kinds of cases at Gonzalez Law Associates, which means we’re an ideal choice if you’re in need of a federal criminal lawyer in Harrison NY or other local areas. Get in touch with us right away and let our knowledge and experience work to your advantage.

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