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It’s important to find the most qualified illegal possession of prescription drugs Bronx NY attorney possible if you’ve been charged with possession of illegal prescription drugs. Locating a drug possession Bronx NY attorney who has a lot of expertise is crucial because these types of cases are getting increasingly complex. The sentences guidelines for illegal prescription drugs are the same as the sentences for methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, which most people do not know. With consequences of this severity, contacting GLA Law Firm when you need an illegal possession of prescription drugs Bronx NY attorney is crucial.

Illegal Prescription Drugs Bronx NY Attorney

Unlike street drugs, which are unlawful to possess in every circumstance, prescription drugs are legal if a physician prescribes them to you, but are illegal should you not have a prescription. This is actually the reason these cases may get so complicated. Individuals can become victims of false arrest for illegal possession of prescription drugs when a family member or friend inadvertently leaves their legally prescribed medication someplace such as your car. Our seasoned illegal possession of prescription drugs Bronx NY defense attorney can arrange for the critical drug tests and witness testimony that may exonerate you.

Illegal Possession Of Drugs Bronx NY

Zero tolerance in schools can leave teenagers vulnerable. Taking a dose of legally prescribed medication to school with no bottle is actually a familiar error among teens. If discovered by school officials, it’s possible the teenager will be arrested and charged with illegal possession of a prescription drug. If this teenager receives a conviction on this particular charge, it is going to affect the remainder of the life by seriously limiting their academic and job options. Our experienced illegal possession of prescription drugs Bronx NY defense attorney will work together with you to devise the most robustprotection strategy to have the charges dismissed or minimize the long-term results in the case of a conviction.

Drug Possession Bronx NY Defense Attorney

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